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March 15, 1999

Location: Holiday Inn, Grand Rapids, MI

Meeting opened at 4:45 p.m.

Present: President - Jim Churchill, President Elect/Program Chairman - Bill Uithoven; Education Chairman - Bruce Boutet; Newsletter Editor - Dale Hagen; Treasurer - Richard Johnson; and Secretary - Chris Nichols; Past Board Member - Paul Streelman

Absent: Membership Chairman - Bud Friesen

Treasurer: Richard has the new PPWM checking account setup.

Education: Bruce is still reviewing the tapes by Connie Benkie. They are too vague.

Bruce will also be checking on the PPA loan collection book for our library

Newsletter: Dale said Mainframe can design a new newsletter & he will check into having the cover printed free of charge with advertising helping to help cover other costs..

Jim will talk to the Triangle association and find out how they do their newsletter.

Bill suggested we start with advertising and sponsors and then look at improving the newsletter from there.

Membership: Nothing to report. Bud was not able to be at this meeting.

Programs: Bill did not have anything to report.

Paul has requested we reserve the front row seats for those of us who attend the PPWM dinner before the meetings. He has also found out there are Collins programs on DVD which are available to the association at no charge with a minimum of 50 people. In return, vendors must be allowed to set up booths / tables at the meeting if they choose. There are also all day seminars available through the Collins Network for the cost of bringing speakers.

Old Business: Bruce has found that we are able to have meetings at the Ada Township hall.

Paul setup categories and created a condensed cash flow report, figured out an approximate budget for this year, and went over with Richard how to set up budget reports.

New Business: Paul has asked the PPWM board members to create a budget for their position. Papers were signed by the board members for PPWM to be incorporated. The fiscal year for the association was changed to March 31st.

Meeting adjourned at 6:10 p.m.